How to Dry Up Breast Milk—The Best Ways to Learn How to Stop Breast Milk Naturally

Are you trying to learn how to dry up breast milk without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or other unsafe products?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve got all the ways you can learn how to stop breast milk without putting you or your child at risk.  Learning how to dry up breast milk doesn’t have to be difficult—in fact, it’s simple to do and will help you move on to the next stage of motherhood.

In order to learn how to dry up breast milk, you have to realize that there are quite a few ways to go about it.  Depending on your body, how long you’ve been breastfeeding and your natural reaction to certain techniques, not everyone will learn how to stop breast milk the same way.  Taking this into consideration, we’ve created a flowchart that you should follow from the top down.  Starting with the most successful technique for most women and working down through some tips to help difficult cases, we finish with last-resort methods for learning how to dry up breast milk.

How to Dry Up Breast Milk—The Most Recommended Method

mother-and-cute-infantFor starters, you want to make sure that you’re emotionally prepared for learning how to dry up breast milk.  During the process, your hormone levels will fluctuate wildly as you slow down your breast milk production.  This can create mood swings in which mothers can feel guilty, sad or inadequate.  Having a strong family or friend support system through the process is essential.

When you’re ready to start stopping your breast milk production, the best technique is to gradually wean off.  Replace one feeding each day, then work your way up to two replacement feedings each day, until you are finally not breastfeeding your child anymore.  Your body should naturally stop making breast milk with this method, plus, it is the safest and most pain-free way.

For weaning your breast pump schedule, on the first day only pump for 5 minutes each four to five hours; on the second day, pump for 5 minutes every two to three hours and then afterward, pump only enough to relieve any discomfort you might feel.  Express just enough milk to soften your breasts, but don’t completely empty them.  Take a warm shower while expressing, to help relieve any discomfort you might feel.

How to Dry up Breast Milk—Tips for Stopping Breast Milk

If you don’t gradually wean breast milk production, your breasts can become engorged, painful and even cause mastitis. While learning how to dry up breast milk, try these helpful tips that will make the process much quicker, easier and painless:

  1. Wear sports bras.  While you shouldn’t give up support, you certainly shouldn’t bind your breasts as this is an outdated idea that only leads to pain, mastitis and plugged ducts.
  2. Don’t stimulate your nipples.  This includes physical touching, whether by hand, pump or bra. Nipple stimulation triggers milk production.  Instead, wear loose clothing and consider nursing pads with a loose but supportive bra.
  3. Try not to pump.  Follow the chart above for weaning your breast pumping efforts since the more you pump, the more your body produces.  Only pump to eliminate discomfort.
  4. Take a warm shower.  This helps to ease breast pain and discomfort, but try to avoid direct stimulation from the water if possible.
  5. Drink enough water.  Don’t restrict your fluids as this won’t affect your breast milk production.  Dehydration actually causes breast milk production as well as discomfort and pain.  Instead, cut down on your salt intake instead.
  6. Take Vitamin B6.  B6 is known to help relieve engorgement as well as halt the production of prolactin, a plasma that causes breast milk production.  Take 200 mg of B6 every day for five days.

How to Dry Up Breast Milk—Natural Home Remedies


There are also two great natural ways to learn how to dry up breast milk.  These can be used in combination with any of the above techniques and tips for stopping breast milk production:

  1. Drink sage tea.  Sage tea has a natural form of estrogen which helps you dry up your milk supply.   For those looking for a way to learn how to dry up breast milk naturally, this is a perfect option.  You can find sage tea just about anywhere that teas are sold, but if you don’t have any specialty shops in your area, try a health food store or even order it online.  When you make your sage tea for halting breast milk production, make sure you let it steep in the cup for at least 15 minutes for maximum effect.  Add milk and honey (since sage is naturally bitter tasting) to taste and drink one cup every six hours.  Alternatively, you can get sage alcohol tincture and take 3 to 4 ml every six hours.  This is better for those who don’t like the taste of tea and since the tincture absorbs into the mucous membranes more readily, it acts faster than the tea.
  2. Use a cabbage leaf compress.  This is a tried and true method that women have been using to dry up breast milk for centuries.  Simply purchase a green cabbage, peel off the leaves, rinse and dry them and then refrigerate them.  When ready to use, simply pound out the veiny part of the leaf (removing the hard base core if necessary) and wrap the leaf around the breast and areola, leaving the nipple exposed.  You can cover the whole breast and even under your arms if you want.  Change every half hour as the leaves become wilted.  The cold is very soothing.

What if None of These Tips on How to Dry Up Breast Milk Works?

If none of these methods are effective in showing you how to dry up breast milk, you might want to talk to your doctor about estrogen injections.  Of course, this can be dangerous so for a more safe and surefire way to dry up your breast milk, click here right now.

24 Responses to Learn How to Stop Breast Milk Naturally

  1. Faith says:

    Its been 2yrs and i never brest feed my milk is still not dry is licking

    • Vicki Clark says:

      How often are you spotting? Is it possible you are getting too much stimulation to your nipples from you clothing?

  2. muna says:

    I mother of son i have stoped breast milk for my child one year ago.still milk is not dry

  3. yasmin says:

    I am breast feeding my son who is 22 months now wld like to stop before May as he wil be 2 yrs. I fed for the same duration for my 2 older daughters. But frankly now i dont have the energy nor patience to stop gradually & take care of his tantrums. My husband is quite busy & girls are busy with their school so i really dont have help to stop. Could you please recomend something that how can stop nursing him quickly. I would be obliged if you could reply via email at the earliest.
    Thanks & best regards

    • Stephanie says:

      Omg my baby is 16 months and breast milk is all she want. She have never had a baby bottled before she love to breast feed but now she like to bint down on me and it hurt like hell. And she just started eating table feed about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Help somebody

  4. Misty says:

    Faith I had the same problem. If you don’t have any stimulation to your breasts (from sexual partner or clothing) then go back to your doctor and have them check you for a prolactinary tumor. It’s a tumor on your pituitary gland that can cause milk to continue and your prolactin levels to stay elevated. They’re 99% benign.

  5. benita says:

    pls i need a full but easy details on how to stop breastfeeding. thanks

    • Vicki Clark says:

      Make sure to follow the steps on our homepage. If you are having any trouble feel free to email me using the contact us page.

  6. Cassie says:

    My son is coming up on his first birthday and I’m trying to wean him in the next few weeks. We are going out if the country and he is staying here and I don’t want to be suffering while I’m gone. He does great when I’m working, but as soon as I’m home he wants to nurse and he will not go to sleep with out nursing, which also includes when he wakes up at night. I was told he wouldn’t bother with it if I wasn’t making milk. Should i try the sage tea and see if it works? Do you have any suggestions?

    • Vicki Clark says:

      Start with the sage tea and see how your body responds to that method. If you are wanting a quicker method then you may need to try the cabbage method for quicker results.

  7. jenny says:

    I stopped breastfeeding a week ago.and I have big
    bumps on both sides.can you let me know if this is normal.and how I can get rid of them…ty

    • Vicki Clark says:

      It sounds to me that your breasts are engorged from not releasing the milk your body has produced. You will need to expel your breast milk until you feel that your breasts are no longer sore then begin one of the natural methods of drying up breast milk that you can find on our homepage.

  8. mercie says:

    Av stop breast feeding my baby since 8month now, & am still lactating, av use 1 bottle of bromocriptine, its still coming, I also try cabbage leave its still licking, I dnt know what to do .

  9. Zee says:

    I’ve stopped breastfeeding my 9 month old son for 2 days now, also tried some natural methods 2 dry up breast milk but uptil now i still have my breast swollen & causes me some pains & uncomfortable. Can i still breast feed my son under this circumstances in order 2 ease the pain?

  10. umasankari says:

    During the pregnancy with the enlargement of breast there also ball like enlargement at underarms… hw can I supress that

  11. umasankari says:

    During the pregnancy with the enlargement of breast there also ball like enlargement at underarms… hw can I supress that

  12. umasankari says:

    During my pregnancy with the enlargement of breast also there is a ball like enlargement on underarms…hw can I supress it ..

  13. purity kithinji says:

    its seven years now sincr my dota was born and my breast still produce milk. is it normal?

  14. sandra says:

    Pls am still young and single , and am not pregnant yet my breast milk is running for over 7months now pls I really want it to stop can u help me out cos I don’t wanna loose my man

  15. Shannel says:

    i stop breastfeed five months ago and i still have breastmilk , oh i so need it to just stop

  16. doris says:

    I lose my child one year old but my breast refuse to stop bring milk . Sine than to take in or be pregnant as being a problem to me. Please help me my breast is still bring out milk

  17. Laura says:

    I have been breastfeeding my son for 9 months now and I have enough milk frozen to last until he’s a year so I’m trying to dry up my supply. I’ve been at it for 5 days now and it isn’t being any better. I’m only pumping every 8 hours and I only pump for about 6 minutes and I still get out over 8 ounces. I’m in a lot of pain. The cabbage doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I’ve been eating peppermints and doing cold compresses and wearing shorts bra. I’m not sure what else to do to get relief. I’ve always had a rather large milk supply.

  18. mehar says:

    week ago i lost my baby in 5th month Dr suggest for me DNC after 1week i got breast milk how i dry that milk pls help me in this ragard i already pump 3 litter that milk nit usefull for other baby

    Pls help me as soon as possible via medicins or treatment

  19. vicky says:

    I have a son I stopped breastfeeding when he was 4month now his 6years I am having breast milk on my breast. What should do to stop it?

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